BCS XP System

Accurate & precise results for your hemostasis testing

 1240 mm x 630 mm x 920 mm (W X D X H)
 Approx. 155.0 kg
Onboard capacity 
 Up to 90 reagents onboard simultaneously; reagents cooled and maintained at room temperature
 100 samples (10 racks = 100 tubes); continuous loading
Capacity supply 
 400 single reaction cuvettes with continuous loading; 20 rotors (400 cuvettes)
 Approx. 380 PT tests/hour
 Approx. 325 simultaneous PT/APTT tests/hour
Bar-code capacity for 
Sample handling 
 Flexible mix of primary tubes or sample cups
 Automated sample and standard pre-dilution. High dilution range (1:1200)
 Automatic positive ID through sample bar-code identification
 Optional handheld sample barcode reader
 Continuous-access sample racks (10 tube capacity)
 10 sample racks (100 samples); continuous loading
 Unlimited priority STAT positions; one dedicated emergency sample rack
 Pediatric rack for 1.5 mL cups
 Crash sensors for sample probe
Reagent Handling 
 Reagent recognition: Integrated positive reagent bar-code identification
 Continuous-access reagent racks
 Up to 90 reagents onboard simultaneously; configurable reagent racks (for large and small vials on one rack)
 Flexible mix of sample / reagent racks
 Automatic monitoring of reagent levels and minimal reagent waste via tilted reagent bottles
 5 dedicated reagent stirrer positions
 Crash sensors for reagent probe
 Continuous random-access
Onboard quality control 
 Auto QC functionality with capability to run cyclic checks
 Levey-Jennings control
 Multi-rule (Westgard Rule) monitoring
 The period data can be exported in different formats into an ASCII file
Computer / printer 
 Windows® XP software interface
 Host connection: Bi-directional


The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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