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Easy to operate, ready to scan. Siemens has designed a tailor-made, ease-of-use, syngo user interface for the SOMATOM Spirit. Standardized procedures and protocols make it easy to improve your workflow.

Easy Workflow
Standardized procedures and protocols make it easy for all staff members to achieve standardized results. Also important for rapid and reliable workflow is the state-of-the-art computer hardware with an excellent recon speed of 5 images per second.

Easy User Interface

Easy positioning


The modern choice that pays off. A combination of well-proven components and modern features are setting standards in the segment of entry-level CT. More than 2,000 satisfied SOMATOM Spirit customers around the world are a convincing argument.

Excellent image quality
Excellent image quality providing reliable diagnoses

Efficient System Design
Most compact gantry 68,5 cm

Essential Technology


The Ultra Fast Ceramic (UFC™) Detector system is the central part of all Siemens’ CT scanners. Speed, image quality, and low dose are what Siemens UFC detectors make possible. Siemens’ ceramic UFC scintillators excel in fast decay behavior and an extremely short afterglow time.


CARE Dose 4D
The tube current is adapted in real-time and according to the anatomy of each individual patient’s organ. CARE Dose4D provides up to 68%* dose reduction compared to fixed mA examinations.


SureView facilitate consistent image quality at any pitch, even for long scans. Easy-to-use scan protocols are available, where the user only needs to select the scan range, mAs, scan time, and slice width. All other parameters are automatically calculated by the scanner.


Outstanding overall system uptime due to robust design and stability. The tube of the SOMATOM Spirit regularly achieves 10,000 scans – and more – without a single failure. High power reserves with up to 40 kW generator power and 3.5 MHU tube are especially useful with corpulent patients.


Reliable performance due to robust design and stability results in long-term financial benefits. Throughout a very long expected life span the SOMATOM Spirit stands out to remarkable stability of the system and a very economical total cost of ownership.

High profits

  • One of the best patient throughput-to-investment ratios on the market.
  • Virtually no loss of time or patient throughput – installation time is only one day.
  • Low heat dissipation and power consumption.


High uptime
Reliable performance 99.6% average system uptime1

Small footprint
Efficient and modern scanner into only 18 m2

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1Results may vary. Data on file.