syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body

Clinical Applications

Organ and tumor perfusion to evaluate vascularity and response to treatment. Assessment of perfusion hemodynamics.

syngo Volume Perfusion CT Body offers:

  • Fast, simultaneous, 3-dimensional calculation of :
    - Blood Flow image
    - Blood Volume image
    - Permeability image for organs and tumors
    - Various optional parameter images.
  • Automated motion correction for improved accurate anatomical object alignment
  • Predefined evaluation settings for different organs
  • Specific evaluation protocols for liver perfusion
  • Organ-specific guided workflow
  • Optimized 3-dimensional color display of perfusion parameter images including image-type-dependent, multislice windowing
  • Composite images allowing a merged display of an anatomical image with a color parameter display in the target ROI
  • ROI measurement with calculation tools of mean value and standard deviation for detailed analysis of perfusion changes


  • Storage of all result images in the database
  • Direct copy to filming
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