syngo InSpace 4D

Clinical Applications

syngo InSpace4D allows for volume-rendered imaging of any body region. Availability of 3D and 4D dynamic imaging allows a fast and intuitive diagnosis. Vascular analysis can be easily accomplished using the automatic bone removal tool. This software can be also used for surgical approach and path planning.


Advanced Bone Removal - extension of the syngo InSpace 4D software:

  • Fast and simple, fully automated workflow
  • Rapid segmentation and removal of bony structures
  • Fast 3D MIP, MPR and VRT overview of vascular structures
  • Visualization of removed bones in transparency mode
  • Enhanced visualization of vascular structures, stenoses, aneurysms & stents
  • Enhanced visualization of complex fractures for treatment planning
  • Optimized pre-operative planning for surgical procedures
  • Improves diagnostic outcomes


Loading of images

  • Image data from CT, MR and AX modalities
  • Up to 4200 images
  • Loading of two image series simultaneously
  • 1on1, 2on1, and 4on1 layouts


Image Rendering modes

  • VRT, MIP, MinIP and MPR rendering
  • Thin slice renderings for VRT, MIP and MinIP
  • Lighting source variable (depending on hardware configuration)
  • SSD


Volume editing

  • 3D Cine mode using single cut plane
  • Clip plane and box editing
  • ROI punching



  • Iconized bookmarks, both series-specific and global.
  • Iconized rendering presets, both series-specific and global; presets are linkable to the series description



  • Radial ranges, including macro range definitions
  • 2D and 3D measurements, measurement grid and annotation
  • AVI format export with optional compression
  • TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG image export
  • Send to film sheet
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