syngo.CT Colonography PEV

syngo.CT Colonography PEV automatically loads, displays, and synchronizes both prone and supine studies. All PEV results are presented in syngo.vias’ Findings Navigator, where relevant findings can easily be reviewed and reported by going through the PEV-marked potentially suspicious lesions in both the 3D endoscopic and Multiplanar Reconstructions.

Clinical Applications
As CT-based colonography has become a routine clinical tool for oncological assessment of the colon, second reading tools have proven their value as well; they basically can serve as another set of eyes for the radiologist. It has the potential to make results more objective and consistent and shorten the radiologists' learning curve. Skill in interpreting diagnostic images may vary among interpreting physicians, who may mistake the colon's normal valves and folds for polyps. It could also be useful in hospitals lacking expertise with virtual colonoscopies.

Features and Benefits

  • Based on non-invasive, virtual colonography from low-dose, high-resolution CT scans
  • Automatically pre-processes and marks potential polyps on 2D and 3D endoluminal view
  • Stores all findings in syngo.vias’ Findings Navigator

syngo.via can be used as a stand-alone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options which are medical devices on their own rights.

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