CT Cardio-Vascular Engine

Driving progress with the full spectrum of myocardial perfusion assessments.

The CT Cardio-Vascular Engine and CT Cardio-Vascular Engine Pro open up two different levels of diagnostic possibilities.

Hardware features in the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine 

  • HeartView for ECG-controlled data acquisition and image reconstruction
  • Cardio BestPhase for automatic best systolic and diastolic phase selection
  • MinDose ECG Pulsing for 20-30% dose saving in cardiac function1
  • Long scan ranges for whole body CT angiography

Software modules in the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine

Optional integrated Dual Energy features in the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine

Additional software modules in the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine Pro

Other optional features 

  • syngo.CT Cardiac Function - Valve Pilot25.8MB for zero-delay quantitative aortic annulus assessment
  • syngo.CT Myocardial Perfusion for the evaluation of dynamic myocardial perfusion data
  • syngo.CT Rapid Stent Planning offers the automatic completion of manufacturer-specific stent order forms


1 Available for SOMATOM Definition Scanners

2 Requires syngo.CT DE Direct Angio

3 Requires syngo.CT DE Heart PBV

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